Flying Raven

Two ravens were talking to each other in the tree across the road.  I just opened the gate to let the animals in the North Pasture when I saw them.  As I got closer, my iPhone in hand ready to take their picture, one, then the other flew away.

I aimed my iPhone in the direction they flew. I was blinded by the morning sun so couldn’t see if I was capturing their image or not.  I just kept moving my iPhone and touching the button.

When I looked at the photos, I could see a small black shape in each one.  As I enlarged them, each become a beautiful silhouette of the raven in flight.

The raven looked different in each photo.  It was only yesterday that I began learning how to draw my raven and thought of how I didn’t have any photos of them flying.

Now I do.

14 thoughts on “Flying Raven

    1. Ravens are noticeably bigger Dave. Also, their “typical” raven call is very different from a crows call. I’m not always good at distinguishing bird calls, but I’ve come to know the raven caw. It’s very raspy and throaty.

  1. An example of “you get what you wish for”! I read somewhere that animals sense when you want them to show up. It has certainly happened to us a number of times. We have a Crow living around here that has a disabled claw . I made me sad when I saw it hopping about, unable to strut as crows do. But it has a mate that is always with it and they manage well together.

  2. Beautiful silloettes.
    Each one so unique.
    I think my favorite is the first one.
    I also take “blind” photos and am often surprised by what is captured

  3. Looove these shots!! <3 The first one looks so classic that it could be a tattoo. The second one has such an interesting curving shape!

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