I leaned my head on Jon’s shoulder and watched the ripples on the water.  We sat quietly on a bench in front of the Champlain Canal.

After Jon’s foot surgeon, Dr Daly, told us his foot was healed and she didn’t want to see him again until February, we went out for breakfast at the coffee shop near the canal.

It’s been over two years that we’ve been going to see Dr Daly,  just about every other week, between caring for an ulcer on Jon’s toe that didn’t heal and multiple surgeries.

With the help of his new brace to compensate for his severely fallen arches, Jon is able to take walks again.  So after an egg sandwich and Crimson Berry tea, we went for a walk on the old towpath.

“Let’s sit a while,” Jon said when we passed the bench on the way back.

Usually, we’d be in a hurry to get back to the farm, back to work.  But we both knew we needed some time to absorb the idea that Jon’s toe was really healed.  I looped my leg over Jon’s and he rested his hand on my knee.  As my eyes slid shut I felt Jon’s hand relax, both of us on the edge of sleep.

Jon will still need to get adjustments made to his brace, and I’ll help him keep an eye on his foot to make sure there are no bruises or blisters.  Dr Daly made sure we knew to call her right away even for the slightest problem. (You can read Jon’s writing about it here)

When I look back on these past few years, it feels good to be able to say that we handled it well together. Not that we didn’t have any troubles or difficulties,  but overall we were good to each other.  And we had a lot of fun at times too.

I know there will be other things that we’ll have to deal with, but for now, it feels good to allow the relief that comes with this being over.  Even if I’m not quite sure I believe it yet.

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