What Comes Next

The five folded quilts

The five quilts for Ellen are still sitting neatly folded on the ironing board in my studio.  I was supposed to meet her last Sunday but she had to postpone.

I started working on my Ravens around them and with the mess of leftover fabric still on my floor and worktable.  But today I needed to have a more defined sense of one thing ending before beginning another.

So I started by sorting and folding the fabric on my worktable then made my way to the pile on the floor.

Now even with the five quilts still piled in the corner of my studio, I can work with a clear head on my ravens.

This morning the two ravens that I took pictures of yesterday, were perched on the dead branches of the maple outside the bedroom window. I heard their raucous call and went to them as if they were talking to me.

I stood under the tree and said hello.  I listened and watched them until only a minute or two later they both flew away.

Jon’s been reading about ravens, and like crows, they know the people who live where they do.   I wanted to let them know that I was aware of them too.

When I finish writing this I’ll lay my painted and stitched ravens, that I’ve made over the past few days, on my studio floor and listen again. I have no doubt my painted ravens will talk to me too.  That, as my art always does,  they will tell me what comes next.

The pile of fabric that was on my studio floor.

4 thoughts on “What Comes Next

  1. We have ravens and when they raise young and they are learning to fly they hold “flight school”. They will leave the young and fly to the end of our field and call them until the fledglings join them. Then they move somewhere else and repeat. Its fun to watch.

  2. They’ll get to see the finished project when you hang it outside. I’m imagining their delight and approval already.
    Do you follow @thedailyjames? They live in LA and have a mated raven pair, James and Margaret, who live nearby and visit them daily. They even bring their offspring.

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