New Endings

Blue Earth 

Even though I lay my quilt on the guest bed to cut the loose threads and go over it with a lint roller, it’s not the same as seeing one of them on a bed in its new home.

Alexis sent me this photo of Blue Earth.   It’s impossible for me to imagine where most of my quilts end up. So often the end of the story of one of my quilts is when I fold it up and put it in a box.  But when I get a picture like this one, the quilt has a new and very satisfying ending for me.

It’s the same for my potholders.  I don’t know if they are in the kitchen working or hanging in another room of the house doing a different kind of work.

The Potholders, in the photo below, that Judy bought from me look as if I made them just for her kitchen.

Judy’s potholders

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