Painting Turtles and Ravens For Potholders

I’ve been thinking about making Turtle and Raven Potholders for weeks.  Today I plunged in and did the first step which is painting them.

By now I feel like I have the basics of the Raven down.  Just a few days ago I was still drawing the general outline of the raven before painting it.  Today I let the paint guide me, working from the inside of the form out, instead of the other way around.

Each one is a unique painting, an individual bird.

It is the same with the turtles, although they have a simpler form.  I’m looking forward to stitching the dealing lines, which will complete them.

But they need a day to dry before I can do that.

So when I finished them I moved on to working on the Raven for my fabric painting. There was a rhythm to my work today which flowed.

I hope to stitch these tomorrow and finish them up early next week.

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