Constance and Robin, A Truce

Constance and Robin

The hill is gone and Constance and Robin seem to have come to a truce.  I found them resting face to face on a small pile of gravel pushed up against the barn fence.

Maybe they assert their dominance in other ways that aren’t as obvious as when they are playing King of The Hill. Or maybe it’s the hill that provokes them.

2 thoughts on “Constance and Robin, A Truce

  1. I can’t remember but is Constance Robin’s mother? I thought Robin’s fleece was a darker brown. Is it the lighting or is it because he was recently sheared? Cute photo.

    1. Lori is Robin’s Mom. And their fleeces change from year to year. It used to be black, but the sun also bleachs the top of the wool. So it is darker closer to the skin.

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