Notes From The Pasture, A River Of Grass

The arched grasses, sparkling with dew, waving in the breeze like ripples on the ocean. I stand on the edge of the marsh as if I’m watching a river flow by.

Now the clouds cover the sun, the shine is gone and the grasses become grass again.

I wander to the Rosa Multiflora (calling for Fate to “get the sheep) where I saw the Monarch butterfly yesterday.   Its proud blue/black velvety chest spotted white like the edges of its wings. The elegant arching legs, each pin-point foot clutching the edge of a leaf.  And the “rabbit ear” antenna.

Instead of a butterfly, a small green grasshopper with a brown stripe down its back sits on a leaf.  A damsel fly hovers and darts, and clusters of Japanese Beetles mate and eat.

10 thoughts on “Notes From The Pasture, A River Of Grass

  1. The photo of the sun and light through the clouds illuminating the pasture and flowers has a lot of feeling to it. I recognize this feeling for myself as the joy and sadness of endings and beginnings and how beautiful life is because we feel.

    1. Ah, Janet, I do see that in it. I wasn’t sure of this picture when I decided to post it. It isn’t quite what I saw and this often happens with me and the pictures of landscapes that I take. I’m glad you see meaning in it. And Carol I appreciate that you see the beauty of it too.

  2. Your way of putting words to what you see is reaching a new level Maria. It’s like painting with words that go beyond the images. So beautiful….. Yet another art form.

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