The Cambridge Bollywood Dancers At The Farmers Market

One day I walked into the Co-op and Bollywood music was playing.  I found myself dancing to it and told Katie, the manager at the time how much I liked it.  That’s when I discovered that Katie and her sister taught a Bollywood dance class in town.

I told her about my Bellydancing and we made a quick connection.

This is the second year that the Cambridge Bollywood dancers have performed at the Farmers Market in town.  They did two dances then moved on to do two more performances in Vermont.

Katie is the mouse driving the “bus”.  I didn’t get a video of her dancing, she did more of that after I stopped to just enjoy the show.  But you can see more pictures of the dancers on Jon’s blog.   He and Katie have a connection that goes beyond dance.  They always give each other a big hug and are always happy to see each other.

I understand and appreciate dance much differently than I did before learning to dance myself.  I also feel like I understand the language of dance now too.  That every move, no matter how simple it looks has a very specific way of being done.  And that the cohesion of the group is as important or more important than getting everything just right.

The women in this troupe remind me of my sisters in my Bellydance class.  I can see it in how they dance together.  In their range of ages, body types and level of experience .  It was a joy to watch them.

My intention was to edit this video I took to less than 20 seconds, to make it a “Short” on youtube which get more views.  But I liked watching it too much (and wished it was longer) to cut any part out.

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