Taking Off The Mask, Showing Our Full Self

My Taking Off The Mask Magnet is for sale in my Etsy Shop

I got so many thoughtful and insightful comments on my post about my Taking Off The Mask magnet.   I was surprised, but I guess I shouldn’t be.

I just didn’t expect this simple drawing to evoke such a response.   I didn’t know it would touch so many people.

Kathye wrote that it reminded her of a quote she once read although she didn’t remember who said it.  I thought it was just right….

“Don’t show up in pieces. The parts that people seem to easily accept. Show the fullness of who you are”.

Karla wrote…

We take them [the mask] off, and live this new but scary way and then when we are spooked for some reason, we put one or more of them back on. Then we remember, we can’t go backwards, and now it’s way more uncomfortable to us than it used to be.

Showing our full self, that’s what happens when we take off the mask.


2 thoughts on “Taking Off The Mask, Showing Our Full Self

  1. Your image inspired me:

    Taking off the mask,
    Quietly, gently,
    Then with more intention and energy,
    What has been hidden,
    And needs to be expressed,
    What more is there to know,
    Will you love me more or less,
    A portal to my heart and soul,
    Years of spiritual imaginings.
    You will see, won’t you.

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