The Wedding Dress

I was thrilled to see the quilt squares already in your newest creation! The ancestor who pieced them would be thrilled. These linens and hankies now have room to grow and breathe instead of an endless future in an airless drawer. Thank you for giving new life to these handed-down treasures.” Nancy H. (Nancy wrote this to me about the quilt squares she sent me)

Chris emailed me and asked if I could use a wedding dress for my art.  It was her mother’s and she kept it all these years, but it was time for her to let it go.

She emailed me her parent’s wedding photo, then put the dress in a box and sent it to me.  I’ve made a few quilts and potholders for Chris and her family.  She told me they would be heirlooms.

I wasn’t sure how I’d use the dress, but it felt like something might come along.

A few days later Chris got in touch again and said her son would like a pillow made from his grandmother’s wedding dress and asked if I could do that.

I washed the wedding dress and hung it on the line to dry.  I love the drape of it on the line.  The sleeve, the buttons the silk and lace.   I was inspired to take this photo.

Soon I’ll make a pillow from the dress, I have some ideas for it already.  There will be plenty of fabric left when I’m done.  And I’m sure I’ll be able to give it a new life too.

6 thoughts on “The Wedding Dress

  1. The light in the photo is other worldly. So glad it’s in B&W – it highlights the light and shadows in the clouds and the dress beautifully.
    I’m sure you will make good use of it.

  2. Be careful LOL. You could get too many dresses. I have one about 60 yrs old. I’ve tried to find a home for and recently decided to cut up and use in a Thai silk jacket I want to make

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