At The Washington County Fair

They wanted to get to the Fair early to see the Fiddlers.  So Jon and I left the farm early too and met some of the staff and residents of The Mansion at the Washington County Fair.

On the way to the music tent,  people of all ages walked beautiful long-legged cows of all ages around us.  The fair is mostly about cows and milk, although it has a big amusement park and the tractor pull and derby are popular too.

The musicians, some who had met today for the first time, played bluegrass and country music and when someone in the audience yelled “Don’t forget to yodel”, I took out my iPhone.

We visited the chickens, turkeys, ducks, and pigeons competing for blue ribbons and by then it was just about time for lunch.  Jon and I went to the Fair Shop and picked out hats and bags to give to the staff and residents.

Many of you in the Army of Good helped make this happen. I enjoyed seeing some of the people who come to my art classes outside of The Mansion.

When it was time for lunch Jon and I went home.  We still had work to do.

Art and June at the Fair


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