A Place Of Calm And A New Shelter Dog At Hubbard House

Gail Patin, the CEO of Hubbard House sent me this video and  message:
Below is a link we just released about our new shelter dog and it features your quilt in the background. It makes a beautiful backdrop. 
Gail bought my quilt “Place of Calm” a few years ago to hang in Hubbard House, a  safe place for women and children who experience  domestic violence.    It’s a shelter and center where women learn how to begin their lives over again.
I can imagine how helpful Willow will be just seeing her sitting next to Gail.  She seems a place of calm herself.
You can read more about Hubbard House which is in Florida and if you’d like you can donate to help the women and children who live there.  Just click here. 

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