Three Small Batches Of Potholders

Little Gray Bird Potholder

I started working on the Potholders yesterday.  I’d put all the fabric aside in a bin knowing at some point I’d be able to use it for Potholders.

I started with the garden statues from the fabric that Lorry sent me.

Garden Statue Potholders

Then I went to the flowers and bees.  I didn’t know I had more of the bee fabric, it’s like it magically appeared to work with the tall flowers on blue.

They remind me of the wildflowers and bees in the back pasture.

Flowers and Bees

The Little Gray Birds came last.  Surrounded by the joyous long legged, big winged blue birds, I found the little gray bird endearing.  So I made some potholders inspired by her.

Little Gray Bird

I still have to make these into potholders and  will finish them up next week.

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