Hens Being Hens


I don’t know if the hens miss Minnie.  They hang around the back porch, even stand around the chair where she used to sit.  But I haven’t seen them roost on it they way they did when she was sleeping in it.

It was the hens gathered together on the other side of  the driveway who alerted me that Minnie was back.  It was unusual for them to just be standing there.   They kept their distance, but it was like they were saying, “Look she’s back.”

The hens never bother Minnie once she moved to the front porch.  I’m sure they knew she was sick the way animals do.

I suppose they miss eating her leftover cat food.  The back porch would feel even more empty if the hens weren’t around.

I can always tell which hen is White Hen by her feet.  She’s missing a nail on one foot and they are rougher.

2 thoughts on “Hens Being Hens

  1. Farm animals and animals in general are just amazing creatures. They show traits that we as humans need to work on. What a great world thus would be if we paid attention and learned from the animal world.
    Your hens are special for sure!!!

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