Sending Off Raven, Postcards and Magnets to Come

My Raven Fabric Painting (in the box) ready for shipping.  And  some of the Potholders I finished up this week and already sold, ready to be shipped.

“Did you hear the Raven?” I asked Jon when I got back into the car.  We were at the postoffice and I had just sent my Raven fabric painting off to her new home.

He had, it made it’s raucous caw as I walked through the parking lot, the box in my arms.

I have to admit, it took me all morning and half the afternoon to put my Raven fabric painting in a box. I always love to see my art make its way into the world, to live its life, but my Raven was a little hard to let go of.

And putting a Raven in a box, well, that’s a whole other thing.

The day before Jon and I were getting ice cream after burying Minnie.  We tend to treat ourselves to lunch or dinner out when one of our animals die.  We sat in the car, eating our ice cream and talking about how good my Raven fabric painting would look in our living room. I could picture it on the wall above where the fish tank used to be.

Jon said he’s love to have it, but as we talked he said he had a feeling that it was sold.

Even when he looked in my Etsy Shop and it wasn’t there, I didn’t believe him.  So I pulled up my email and there it was a message from Etsy and a message from Karen who bought it.

Karen wrote that she’d been following my blog as I made my Raven fabric painting and thought it was sold.  When it wasn’t she bought it.  She lives near a lake and loves the wildlife around it, especially the ravens.  “I’ll send you a picture of it hanging when I get it”, Karen wrote.

As I read the email out loud to Jon, two ravens flew over the car.

Now that she’s on her way, I’m thrilled that my Raven will soon be home.   I can’t wait to see a picture.

I’m working on making postcards and magnets of my Raven fabric painting.

I’m also going to make a Raven piece for me and Jon.  Because as Jon wrote on his blog this morning, Raven has gotten under his skin and into his soul in a way that a wild animal never has before.

My Raven Postcard

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