Jon’s In The Hospital, He’s Coming Home Tomorrow

One of the drawings I did in the hospital today

It’s been a long day.  It began at 1 a.m. when Jon passed out in the kitchen.  He’s in the hospital overnight and will be coming home tomorrow.

I’m too tired to write about it now, but will tomorrow.    We spent the day together and by the time I left him this evening, he was so much better it seemed almost a miracle to me.

I didn’t think to bring Jon a change of clothes, socks or shoes, (the ambulance took him away in a t-shirt and boxers) but I did throw my sketchbook in my bag before leaving the house.

The day would have been tougher without it.

13 thoughts on “Jon’s In The Hospital, He’s Coming Home Tomorrow

  1. Even your hospital scketches are beautiful ❤️ And out the window I see the flower box
    Holding you both in the light.

  2. Gosh Maria – your head must be spinning.
    You are an awesome human being, in how you cope with circumstances.
    Art truly is your avenue of expression.
    I hope that now there is room for just… nothing… normalcy… the farm, the animals, the woods… Find rest, my friend!!

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