Back Porch Snow Globe

I’m taking the day off, it’s a holiday, isn’t it?   Anyway, I’m not ready to go back to my studio and leave Jon alone in the house, even though my studio is twenty steps from the back door.

I keep thinking it would be a good time to get some of those things done that need doing.  Like painting the bathroom ceiling (I’ve been doing that for years), cleaning up all the dead insect bodies and old spider webs from the window in the Laundry room, or washing, drying and folding the three boxes of fabric that people have so kindly sent me over the past couple of months.

This morning I cleaned out two kitchen cabinets.  I think that’s enough for today, I get bored easily with that kind of thing, unless I’m anxious about something, then I can scrub and organize for hours.

Instead, I got distracted by my instant camera and took a few pictures.

The one above is my favorite. It’s kind of like a snow globe (without the snow) or a portal to the back porch and my garden.  I like how the light bursts out of the circle.

Feels like a bit of magic to me.

3 thoughts on “Back Porch Snow Globe

  1. Your picture offers a hauntingly beautiful invitation into a calm peaceful place. I wonder if that’s what Alice saw while looking through the looking glass into Wonderland! Gorgeous picture!

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