Getting Ready For Zip

Zips home in the barn for the next week or so.

Zip is coming to Bedlam Farm tomorrow.

Anne,  who is fostering him decided that it would have been too stressful to bring him to the farm yesterday in the heat only to have to bring him back another day.  We want Zip and Anne is happy for Zip to have a home with us.

If for some reason it doesn’t work out, Anne will take him back.  But I don’t think that’s going to happen.

Today I set up Frieda’s old crate in the barn with a kitty litter box and a soft place for Zip to sleep.  I just have to add his water and food bowl and the crate will be Zips home for the next week or so.

We want him to get used to the farm being his home.  If he knows he’s getting fed here and gets used to me and Jon and the other animals he may just want to stay.

Zip reminds me of a cat I used to know when I worked at an Animal Hospital on Long Island.   Also, a tuxedo, Sylvester lived at the hospital and he was a charmer. Calm and cool, he would slink around the office climbing on all the furniture ignoring the other animals, as if he owned the place.

I don’t expect Zip to have this kind of poise, and I don’t want to impose my ideas of who might be on him.

Sylvester was old when I knew him and had lived a few lives before finding a home at the Animal Hospital.  But I’ve heard from quite a few of you that tuxedo cats have a lot of personality.

I have a feeling Zip does too.

2 thoughts on “Getting Ready For Zip

  1. I lived with a long haired tuxedo lady cat for many years, and have known several others. They do seem to have a distinct personalities from other cats, even other black and white cats whose markings are less symmetrical. A happy day for all. Best wishes!

    1. That’s interesting Lori. I wonder how that all works. I’ve only known one black and white cat and I’ve remembered him all these years later.

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