Lori With A Face Full Of Greens


I think it may be time to bush-hog the pastures.  The sheep come back from grazing with all kinds of plants stuck in their fleeces.

Lori had a face full this morning.   If it were Asher, Issachar, or Suzy, I’d be able to pull the plants from their wool, but Lori isn’t comfortable with me getting too close to her face.

By the time the evening comes, all those little stems and leaves will be gone. They dry up and fall away when they are on the surface as these are.  Or Lori will rub them off scratching her head on the side of the barn.

Lori is one of the sheep I will be shearing in October.  I can hardly believe that I’m thinking about shearing again, but you can see how long her wool is with its lovely crimp. I find the curls on her forehead endearing.

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