Zip Comes To Bedlam Farm

Zip was not the happiest of cats when he arrived at Bedlam Farm this morning.

Anne who was fostering him, called around noon and said  her husband had just come back from birthing calves and had caught Zip. He was in the cat carrier and she wanted to bring him right over.

Five minutes later Anne pulled her car into the driveway.

I took the cat carrier with Zip in it and brought it to the barn.  Anne assured me that Zip wouldn’t try to run away when I opened the carrier. I actually had to reach my hand into it and pull him out by the scruff of his neck.

Then I placed Zip in the crate I had prepared for him in the barn.

Being a feral cat who doesn’t like to be confined, Zip went a bit wild. He knocked over the food bowl tossing kibble into the kitty litter and water bowl.  Then he spent about a half hour trying to find a way out.



He inspected every inch of the crate, meowing and panting the whole time.  I talked to him trying to reassure him he was safe, but he wasn’t listening.  Not that I blame him, the last time someone put him in a cat carrier he was taken to the Vet and neutered.

Zip getting to know Jon

Once Zip started to relax he noticed Zinnia who was sitting right outside the crate the whole time.  Zinnia put her nose to the crate and Zip got a good smell.  Then Jon reached his finger into the crate and Zip got to know him a little.

When Jon and I left the barn, Zip had stopped panting and meowing and was laying comfortably in the back of the crate.


A few hours later, when Jon and I got back from a doctor’s appointment and food shopping I went to see Zip.

He started meowing as soon as he saw me.

I crouched next to the crate and meowed back at him. He seemed agitated, so I closed my eyes and started to picture the animals on the farm.  I silently let him know that even though it may not feel like it, he was safe.  I let him know that this was his new home.  Fate will stalk you, but just ignore her, when you see Bud, give him a swipe on the nose and he’ll leave you alone.

Soon Zip stopped meowing and I watched as he listened to the sounds of the farm.  His ears swiveled when one of the sheep made a thumping sound in the barn, he turned his head when one of the donkeys snorted.  His whole body stiffened when a truck went by on Route 22 and he looked startled when a pigeon flew through the barn and up into the hayloft.

As I watched Zip,  I pictured what he was hearing in my mind.

That’s Asher scratching himself on the gate.  Once she gets to know you, Lulu and Fanny will welcome you into the barnyard,  you know about roads, cars and trucks, leave the pigeons alone and the birds,  you can have as many rodents as you can eat.

Then I cleaned up the crate.

Zip showed no interest in trying to get out and didn’t mind me being so close to him.   So reached out to him and scratched his head.  It took him a few seconds to lean into my fingers, he lifted his chin, letting me know where to scratch next  and  nuzzled his head against my hand.

That’s when I knew things would be fine between us.

After it was dark, Jon and I went to see Zip again.  Jon sat on a chair and I opened the crate and reached towards Zip.  As I rubbed his ears he kneaded the blanket then he laid on his back belly up.  That’s when I heard his soft purring.

Jon and I sat talking while Zip curled into a ball in the back of the crate and closed his eyes.   We left shortly after that.

Good night Zip, I said as I closed the barn door, See you in the morning.

3 thoughts on “Zip Comes To Bedlam Farm

  1. Wow, that’s an amazing first day. To roll on his back, belly up, is such a sign of trust
    I have no doubt he listened carefully to all the sounds you introduced him to and what you told him about the other animals.
    He’s one lucky lovely barn cat.
    I appreciate that you respect barn cats and don’t attempt to make him a house cat.
    Many would be tempted, but that would be disrespectful in my opinion.

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