The Grasshopper In My Studio…Leaping Forward

Today I went back to my studio and began working for the first time since Jon passed out on the kitchen floor over a week ago.

I had a long wind-up (I was in my studio for a couple of hours yesterday sorting scraps as part of getting back to work)  before even deciding what to work on.

I chose the Vintage Flour Sack squares, from the 1930s and 40s that Susan gave me.  I’d combine them with contemporary fabric from a bag of scraps that Karen sent me.

While I slowly worked I was interrupted by a grasshopper on my window.

It was clearly trying to get back outside, so I tried to scoop it up.  I took a few tires, but then it just hopped on my hand.  I took it outside and it hung around long enough for me to get a video and picture of it.

Later I looked up the meaning of Grasshopper in Ted Andrews Animal Speak…”Grasshopper people have to learn to make new leaps.  Life only becomes difficult when they refuse to move….Remember a grasshopper always leaps up or forward.  It doesn’t leap backward.” 

The four potholders I made today using the Flour Sack Squares

4 thoughts on “The Grasshopper In My Studio…Leaping Forward

  1. Maria, if it’s not too late, I’d like to buy the potholder or on the bottom left, with the orange and gold pieces in it.

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