Zip, Day Two

It didn’t take long.  Now when I call Zip he comes to me.  He likes treats, but he likes to be scratched even better.

I opened the door of  Zip’s crate this morning and he came right to me.

Zinnia and Fate sat just a couple of feet away.  Zip didn’t mind the dogs in the least.  And later when the hens came into the barn, he was comfortable around them too.

As content as Zip is to be scratched around his ears, he’s also eager to get out of the crate.  As tempting as it is, we will keep him in the crate for a week.  That should be long enough for him to understand that this is his new home.

He ate last night, took treats from my hand, and also ate his food while Jon and I were there.  After a while, he retreated to the back of the crate and began grooming himself.

All signs that he’s adjusting to being on the farm.


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