“Agent Josephine” I Can’t Put The Book Down

I started reading Agent Josephine, American Beauty, French Hero Britsh Spy by Damien Lewis about the life of Josephine Baker during World War II.

I’d heard of Josephine Baker, but I didn’t know anything about her. And I certainly didn’t know that she was a spy in France during the war.    (She was also a pilot and would deliver food and supplies to people in need and entertain the troops on the front lines).

I just began the book, but her life was so remarkable, that it’s hard to believe her story is not more well known or that that no one has made a movie about her life.

It’s true that some of the information about her work with the SIS (British Secret Service during the war) and French Resistance had just been released.  But her life, even without the work during the war, was spectacular.

Of course,  being that she was a black woman it’s not really surprising that her story is not more well known.

I’m hooked.  I find myself picking up the book and reading even small snippets whenever I get a moment.

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  1. Her body was recently moved to the Pantheon in Paris. It’s where French heroes and famous authors like Alexander Dumas (The Three Musketeers) lie. I expected her tomb to be decorative and colorful like her life was but it was very plain and solemn like the others.

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