Zip Gets A His Crate Cleaned

I don’t blame Zip for getting a little flustered this morning. If the ground were pulled out from under my feet I’d be the same.

I was cleaning up his crate which he is good at making a mess in.  But when I pulled out the sliding tray from the bottom of it, he wasn’t sure what was happening.   It was just as disconcerting to him when I slid it back in washed and dried.

It wasn’t until I put the old towel in the back of his crate that he relaxed.  Even then it took a few treats before he would come to me.

I also put a box in his crate for him to have a place to go into or play with. I don’t know if he will.   Like the barn cats I’ve known before him, he doesn’t seem interested in playing.  After all play for cats is about hunting and he’s had a year of doing that before we met him.

But by the time I left,  Zip was grooming himself and I knew he was feeling back at home.

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