Barb Techel’s Animal Reflections Healing Oracle Cards

Barbara Techel’s Animal Reflections Healing Oracle Cards. You can read more about them and buy them here. 

I bought the cards from Barb about a month ago.  But it was as if I was waiting for the right time to really delve into them.

It was just yesterday that I handed the deck of Healing Oracle cards to Jon, told him to shuffle, then choose a card.  He picked the Frog, a symbol of change.    I read the corresponding writing from Barb’s book.

It spoke of how frog intentionally slows and calms itself renewing his energy.  Also the importance of honoring all emotions when going through a change.

Then it was my turn.  I chose the Horse symbolizing Empowerment.

“Horse reminds you the magic resides within you.  There is no set of rules to follow, only what feels in alignment with your heart.  You were born empowered and always have the choice to embody freedom without restraints of past hurts and emotional pain.

This reading of Horse corresponds with all the animals that have come into my art in the past few years.  Moth, Heron, and Raven.  During this time of helping Jon heal from his concussion, I’ve had my own insights.

I’m beginning to see my strengths and abilities clearly.  It’s when I deny to myself who I really am, and what I am capable of that my anxiety soars.  Once again I’m being told that empowerment comes from inside of me and I just need to access it.

When I asked Barbara Techel about her Animal Oracle cards and what made her create them she told me… “I felt called to create the deck because animals have been such profound teachers and healers to me.” 

Then she explained her process of creating the cards using animal images in the public domain and collaging them to make them her own.

The deck includes 21 of the Major Arcana of the Tarot – the 21 major life themes (archetypes). As I studied each of the 21 Major Arcana I’d then intuit or study what animal I felt would fit that theme (archetype).”  

Barb has personal connections to some of the animals she chose for the cards. Others she finds fascinating.  Many of the animals have brought her comfort in her life, some she has feared. She wrote,  “The animals in this deck were chosen with care and thoughtful purpose to serve as gentle and compassionate guides as you explore your inner world and examine with tenderness what needs healing.”

I find Barbara’s animal cards and the corresponding meaning in writing her guidebook gentle and loving.  The images on her cards reflect the symbolism of each animal.  They are beautiful images in themselves.

I know I will be adding Barb’s Healing Oracle Cards to my collection of sources for animal symbolism.

I wanted to share them with you all because I thought some of you might find them interesting and helpful.

You can read more about Barb’s Animal Reflections Healing Oracle cards and guidebook and buy them on her website Joyful Paws.  Just click here.

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  1. Truly grateful for your sharing, Maria. And deeply touched by the cards you and Jon picked and your sharing of Horse and what it meant for you. I sent you an email also. Time and time again I feel so grateful for how animals have guided me in my life that I just had to create a deck to help others on their journeys too.

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