Making Flour Sack Potholders

I felt good getting back to my studio.  I even went there on Saturday for a while and designed four more of my Flour Sack Potholders.  

I made eight more today for a total of 16 potholders.  I meant to stop at ten, but then they just kept coming.  Toward the end, instead of starting with the Flour Sack square,  I started sewing the scraps together, then finding a square that worked well with them.

What a joy these were to make. They didn’t go quick, but the primed me for what comes next.  And I love looking at them all together.  Even the ones with darker colors look happy to me.

When they are all done, I’ll be selling them in the Etsy Shop.  Hopefully by the end of the week.

6 thoughts on “Making Flour Sack Potholders

  1. Maria, when you tie your quilts, do you match the floss to the quilt colors or always use white or black? I ask because I have about 300 skeins of floss and will never use all of them. If you can use some I’d be happy to share some.

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