Flying Raven

It was a few months ago, just before I began making the five quilts for Ellen, that I laid out the fabric on my floor.

But I never got any further with it. When I started working on Ellen’s quilts I put the fabric pieces in a baggie and put it aside.  I took a picture of it first, so I would remember.

After the quilts came the Raven.

But when I had a bunch of painted ravens hanging in my studio, I pulled out the bag of fabric.  I knew it would somehow work with one or more of my painted ravens.

Today I started sewing the fabric strips together and one of my flying Ravens fit with it perfectly.  This is the beginning of my next quilt.

6 thoughts on “Flying Raven

  1. Flying Free.
    Love those upswept wings indicating he’s (she’s) on her way, and the impression of altitude provided by the frosty evergreen trees swatch and the tree-dotted hills piece below that.
    It’s beautiful already.

  2. Exciting! I love the colors and the raven. Is that one from a fabric or one you painted? I don’t recall seeing it before.
    I love seeing your process from the first piece and how it grows into a quilt.

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