Today was the first day I left Jon alone for more than a half-hour since he passed out and spent two days in the hospital. I went to The Mansion to help make TieDye T-shirts.

Jon is still healing and some days are better than others. A week after it happened, I found myself waking up in the night and checking to see if Jon was breathing.  “This is what people do when they have newborns I thought,”  and made myself stop.

Yesterday Jon was very sick with a fever.  He barely ate and slept most of the day. But today he’s so much better.

Last week I couldn’t imagine leaving Jon alone and going to Bellydancing Class.  But tomorrow I will go and be gone for a few hours.  It’s things like this that help me see how much better Jon really is.  It’s gradual, but it’s happening.

There are a lot of ups and downs, but we keep moving forward.   We are fortunate to be home together and both of us back to work.  Everything else will come with time.

2 thoughts on “Healing

  1. recovery from a bleed can be a rollercoaster but you are handling it so well together. Your relationship is an inspiration and beautiful to read about. You both deserve the happiness after years of struggle. Keeping faith in Jon’s full recovery

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