Making Tie Dye T-shirts At The Mansion

Tie Dying Tshirts at the Mansion

Usually, I’m the one giving the lesson,  but this morning I learned how to tie-dye T-shirts at the Mansion.

Paryese, the activities director, asked me to help with the project.  Thanks to the Army of Good, every person who lives and works at the Mansion will get a Tshirt if they want one.

I’ve never done any tie-dying before, so I got a quick lesson.  Then I helped other people fold, rubberband and dye the shirts.

It was a beautiful day to be on the back porch of the old mansion.  People came in shifts, when someone was done they gave up their seat at the table.  But some people hung around talking and  enjoying the sun.

We didn’t get to see what any of the T-shirts looked like.  They have to dry for 24 hours, then be washed to set the dye.

The plan is for everyone to wear them on Friday.

I reminded the people who were there that me and my fellow Bellydancers would be dancing at the Mansion on Sunday.

I’ll get there early to help gather people from their rooms to join us.

We’ll dance to two songs then our teacher Julz will explain the dance and how we change leads. Then we’ll dance some more so people can see how we do it.  After that Julz will teach some moves that people can do sitting down.

I’m looking forward to it.  I’ll try to remember to bring my tripod so I can video the whole thing.

June dying her T-shirt

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