Asher Eating Green Tomatoes

The donkeys and sheep are always grabbing what they can from the other side of the fence.   Biddy loves the wild grape leaves that climb along the fences.  But the green tomatoes that Asher ate were already hanging over into the pasture.

Below, Robin is eyeing the purple asters.   Lulu had pulled a bunch through the fence just before I took this picture.

There is still plenty of green grass in the pastures.  But as the saying goes, the grass is always greener….

2 thoughts on “Asher Eating Green Tomatoes

  1. The roundness of the tomato seemed a bit of a challenge, not exactly what their mouths were designed to chomp!

    Our house rabbits always have ample hay, but they find the hay that falls under their litter boxes so much more exciting. We call it the lure of “forbidden hay”.

    1. Yeah, Trish like bobbing for apples! I felt a bit frustrated for him watching. Funny about the forbidden hay. It’s like how the donkeys love the chicken poop hay!

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