Zip, One Week Today

I don’t know how Zip feels, but his first week on the farm had gone by pretty quickly to me.

The thought of having him locked up in a crate for two weeks was a little unbearable to me even if I know it’s for the best.  But he has fallen into his own routines and seems happy enough.

Zip can make a good mess, but I’m the only one who seems to mind.  He’s as happy to sit in his kitty litter as he is to curl up on the old towel in the back of his crate.

He does seem content, until at odd moments, he tries to make a break for it, when I have the door open.  But he doesn’t seem to really mean it.  I have a feeling if he really wanted to get out, he’s fast enough to do it.

“One more week Zip”, I told him today, “and you’ll have the run of the farm.”

4 thoughts on “Zip, One Week Today

  1. You are absolutely right; if he really wanted to make a break for it, he would move so fast you would be dazzled. Sounds like you and Zip are doing great and he is really settling in. About sitting in the cat litter: often cats in a strange new situation (animal shelter, etc.) will sit in their cat box, and it is theorized that their own smell, which is strong in their pee and poop, is comforting to them and they feel safer surrounded by their own scent. In my experience, the behavior goes away as they get more comfortable with their new situation.

    1. Well that makes sense Maureen. We’ll leave the kitty litter box in the barn once we let him out. Hoping it will remind him of where his home is incase he forgets.

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