Suzy’s “Marigold Shawl” Is Sold

Suzy Fatzinger’s  Marigold Shawl is 19″x70″  it is $175 + $15 shipping. You can buy it here. 

My first thought when I saw Suzy’s new shawl was elegant and earthy.

Then marigolds came to mind.  Especially this time of year when the other flowers are starting to fade, the marigolds, just get richer, and deeper.  Their opaque petals seem strengthened by cool air.

It’s hard to look at Suzy’s photo, and not imagine sitting on one of the yellow rockers wrapped in her shawl.  In my mind, I have a cup of tea and am watching the birds.

We do this every fall, Suzy Fatzinger and I.

She sends me photos of the shawls she made all year long and I put them up on my blog looking for the right person to buy them.  And it works.  There is always a person that belongs to each of Suzy’s shawls.

The first Shawl I posted last month, just announcing I’d be selling her shawls soon,  was sold before I even offered it for sale.   But that’s not unusual.  Suzy’s shawls sell quickly.

If you don’t remember from past years, or you’re new to my blog,  Suzy hand spins and hand knits her shawls.

No two shawls are alike, each is a unique piece of wearable art.

Suzy’s shawls are made from the mohair from her angora goats, April, Alice, Ruth, and Lucy.   Some natural and some dyed.  She also uses wool from her favorite fiber artists.  One who is the breeder of her goats.

Suzy’s hand washes her shawls in a natural solution, so they are extra soft.

Marigold Shawl is 19″x 70″ and it is $175 + $15 shipping.  You can buy it in my Etsy Shop.  Just click here.  Or you can email me at [email protected].  I take checks, PayPal and Venmo.  

I can’t tell them apart, but here are Suzy’s angora goats, April, Alice, Ruth and Lucy.  All with smiles on their faces.

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