Suzy’s Shawl, “September Sun” Is Sold… Watch A Video of Suzy Spinning Her Yarn And Her Corgi Finn

Suzy’s shawl, September Sun  23″x 75″ .  It is  sold. $175 + $15 shipping you can buy it here.

The sun was shining at Suzy’s house, but it was a gray rainy day here on the farm.

The sunshine came when Suzy sent me a photo of her latest Shawl.   I named it September Sun (with Suzy’s blessing)  because, with all that yummy yellow,  it brought brightness and warmth to my day.

Before I write about it more,  I want to show you the video Suzy sent me of her hand spinning her yarn.  In it, her corgi Finn makes an appearance.  He’s spinning too,  the way a dog might….

Selling Suzy Fatzinger’s  Shawls has become a tradition on my blog this time of year.

She creates them all winter, spring, and summer, first hand spinning the mohair from her goats into yarn (as you can see in the video), then hand knitting them.

Each is a unique combination of color and pattern.  Each one, a wearable piece of art.

I love how one end of September Sun is yellow and the other gray.  I’m also taken with the white locks spun into the yellow yarn.   It’s just the kind of thing that makes Suzy’s shawls even more special.

Suzy washes her shawls in a natural solution which makes them even softer than the natural mohair already is.

September Sun is 23″x 75″ long.    It is $175 + $15 shipping.   You can buy it in my Etsy Shop, just click here.  Or you can email me at [email protected]  I take checks, PayPal, and Venmo. 

White mohair locks spun into the Suzy’s Shawl September Sun

Most of the yarn Suzy spins comes from her goats, April, Alice, Lucy, and Ruth.  She also gets some of the roving that she spins into yarn from other fiber artists that she’s been working with for years.

Below is a photo of Suzy’s goats in their full mohair coats.


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