Shadow and Light

Shadow of on of my plants on the window,  on the living room wall this morning

Jon and I are still sleeping in the living room.  Him in a big stuffed chair, me on the couch.  We talk about how nice it will be to be in bed together again.

Soon we say.

With all the difficult things that have happened in the past few weeks, there are also some very beautiful things too.

The whole experience of believing that Jon may have been dead and how I handled the situation has helped me to see myself in a different light.  It has also made me clearly aware of who my true family really is.

I will write about it more at some point.

But for now,  I will say that I am acutely aware of how it took both shadow and light to expose to me the truth and beauty of my life.

2 thoughts on “Shadow and Light

  1. I’m so pleased to read your post and sensing that you really are “home” where you belong, at Bedlam Farm with John and the animals. Bask in the glow of that beautiful place and all the love there!

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