Zip Wants Out

Zip wants out and we want him out.  It’s time for him and me.  I’m getting tired of cleaning out his crate.  He sure can make a mess.

Today he came out of the crate and wrapped himself around my legs then went over to Jon who scratched his back and ears.   I have a feeling Zip with the second cat  in Jon’s life (Flo was the first).

We’re going to spring him a day early.  Tomorrow instead of Thursday.

He’s already made friends with Zinnia and  Fate backed off as soon as Zip looked at her.  Fate was always afraid of Flo.  I think she’ll keep her distance from Zip too.

I made up a new song for Zip this morning.  It just came out and I think it might stick.  Jon took the video below.  You can see how content Zip is and how he and Zinnia get along.

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