This Mornings Spider Webs

Like invisible ink, the spider’s silks and webs are revealed with the morning dew.  At just the right angle to the rising sun, they quiver and sparkle, drawings in the air.

These were two spider webs that made me stop to take their pictures.

The video was the best way to show the delicacy and strength of the thistle bud swing.  And hopefully, you can see the miniature scale of the web pulling at the tips of the maple leaf.


8 thoughts on “This Mornings Spider Webs

  1. Maria,
    That is one of the most gorgeous videos of the beauty and details of a Spider web. Much thanks and appreciation

    1. Thank you, Carol. I was hoping to show the grandeur of it with my video. There are so many beautiful photos of spider webs, It almost becomes a cliche. I was hoping to show this one in a new way. The way I saw it.

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