Zips Comes Out Of The Barn

Zip in his hideout in the barn

It’s been three days since we let Zip out of the crate and he’s adjusting pretty well.  He also shows no sign of wanting to be anywhere else.

We did have some trouble with the pigeons this morning.  Zip is spooking them.  I know because there were three broken windows one smashed and who whole panes of glass on the ground in the barnyard this morning.

The pigeons, no doubt startled by Zip, flew right through the barn windows.

I have a plan for dealing with that this weekend as long as our ladder is tall enough to reach the window.  I’ll replace the glass then put hardware cloth over the window inside the barn.  There are other holes in the barn where the pigeons can come and go.  But I’m beginning to think they may find another place to nest.

We will see…

For all his terrorizing of the pigeons, Zip has been reluctant to venture out of the barn.

That is until this evening when he followed me through the doorway.  Outside the barn, he walked back and forth between me and Jon.  When he went to Jon I moved a few feet away.  We kept doing this until I was standing next to the apple tree.

I knew Zip would love the tree.  It’s full of good smells from the hens and chipmunks.

Zip exploring the Apple Tree. Photo by Jon Katz

Zip explored inside the tree, sticking his face in every crevice.  Then he walked around the outside of the tree, and even sharpened his claws, leaving his mark on the thick trunk.

We left Zip to wander the yard.  He wasn’t ready to come up on the back porch, but he did find the stone wall around the dahlia garden, home to mice, chipmunks, and snakes.

He’s still healthily skittish.  Zip runs at loud noises, when he sees the sheep and donkeys run, and hunkers down when a loud truck or motorcycle drives by the house.

It was good to see him outside of the barn this evening.  It great to see him getting to know the farm and coming to understand that he belongs here as much as any of the animals or humans.

3 thoughts on “Zips Comes Out Of The Barn

  1. Hi Maria, I’m not much of a cat person, however, I’m enjoying following your and Jon’s adventure with Zip! He is a really lovely looking cat with exceptional whiskers, just like Inspector Poirot .

    Kind regards Diane Sabath, all the way in Cape Town, South Africa .

  2. Zip looks a lot like our Tuxedo that someone dropped in our neighbor hood about four years ago. His whiskers are so white.

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