Zip Exploring The Dahlia Garden

More and more Zip is venturing out of the barn.  He needs a little coaxing but then gets to exploring.

I have a feeling he already knows the barnyard pretty well.  He slips under the gate as if he’s been doing it all his life.  Zip is much more comfortable there than going into the yard and towards the road.  Which is a good thing.

This morning I watched as he wandered in and around the Dahlia garden.

I still have his crate in the barn, with his water bowl in it.  I moved his kitty litter box closer to the door to encourage him to go outside the barn.  And he eats on top of the haybales.  In a day or two I’ll move his water bowl and take the create away.

I’m not sure where he is sleeping now, but it’s not in the crate.

3 thoughts on “Zip Exploring The Dahlia Garden

  1. My goodness, Zip is so photogenic. I’m really glad that he came to you at the end of summer so that his tuxedo shows so spectacularly against the colorful floral arrangements. His paw up, glance over the shoulder pose in the dahlias is perfection, as is his peep thru the hydrangeas. And is the little black dot on the rear of his right foot not the cutest little detail?
    (When I was young, we kids were ‘adopted’ by a tuxedo, named “Duke”, because his bow-legged stride and hefty build reminded our Mom of a John Wayne movie. We must have been one of many residences on his rounds of the neighborhood.)

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