Zip On The Back Porch And In My Lap

Zip peeking out of the flowers in my back porch garden

Zip is slowing making his way around the farm.  Two days ago he was afraid to come up on the back porch.  Yesterday, as I sat there reading, he appeared in the garden, looking at me.

When I called his name, he came up on the porch…

…up onto the chair…

….and, for the first time,  into my lap.  It didn’t make for good reading, and I eventually made him get off my lap.  But it shows how he is learning to trust me even more.

3 thoughts on “Zip On The Back Porch And In My Lap

  1. The white upside down heart on his nose and mouth with those stunning white brows are striking . The image of him coming out of the garden is beautiful .This is all so magical

    Love how the Divine works if we keep our hearts open to her.

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