Kathy’s Woodland Animal Quilt

Kathy’s Pillow shams

I don’t do a lot of commissions, but there are some requests that I like to take on.

There are different reasons, first being that it’s something that interests me enough to want to do.  Then there is having the freedom to do as I please even if certain colors or fabrics are involved.

Kathy has been a long-time reader and supporter of both my blog and Jon’s blog and work with The Army Of Good.  So when she sent me a photo of the pillow shams she wanted made into a quilt, I considered it.

I think it took me a few days to get back to her.   It sometimes does with me.  I know it’s not the way of the internet with all its immediacy, but sometimes I just need time to think, to let an idea settle over me so I can truly know how I feel about it.

So my next quilt will be for Kathy, made from her fabric animal pillow shams.  Really, the colors are perfect for this time of year.  And the animals are sweet-looking and very nicely made.

I’m looking forward to getting started.

8 thoughts on “Kathy’s Woodland Animal Quilt

  1. Maria I hope that you enjoy working on the quilt and I know with your creative energy the result will be beautiful! Thank you for your effort.

      1. Sue Silverstein was happy to get the four pillows for some of her students interested in making covers.

      2. Oh I love that Kathy, another connection in all of this. Thanks for sending them to her. That was thoughtful of you.

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