Bud’s Adventure


Bud’s pretty tired from his adventure today.

When Jon and I got home today  from his doctor’s appointment, we were greeted by Bud who was not in the dog yard with Fate and Zinnia.

At first we thought he was Zip.  This small animal running wildly through the yard.

The two have more in common with each other than any of the other animals, even if they don’t know it.  Both are wild eyed hunters and sweethearts.  The smallest animals on the farm, they still dominate it.

Bud was eager to come into the house, and I was eager to find out how he got out of the yard.

The gate was closed and the door to the house was locked.  But when I walked the fence I found the hole.  In the spring it was a turtle that got Bud to start digging.  I caught up with him before he could dig deep enough to get under the fence.

But today he had enough time to dig a new hole in a new spot and crawl under it.

It may have been our new Amish neighbors across the road that got him digging.  They have been haying the hillside with their two big horses for days and Bud has become as obsessed with them as he is the squirrel who lives in the Maple tree.

After I found the hole, I check to make sure the hens and Zip were all okay.

I found the hens lounging in the barnyard behind the pole barn and Zip ran out of the barn to see me. They didn’t seem to even know the Bud was on the loose.

I filled in  the hole then put a few logs along the fence line to discourage Bud from digging anymore.  We won’t be leaving him outside anymore when we know we’ll be gone long enough for him to dig under the fence.

I do wonder what he did when he got out.  It’s obvious, like Minnie, Flo and now Zip,  he’s smart enough to keep away from the road.  He is after all a survivor.  He lived outdoors for two years in a fenced in kennel exposed to the weather and barely fed before we got him.

He’s also smart enough to know when he has something good.  And like Zip, he’s not running off or causing too much trouble.

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