More Work On My Woodland Animal Quilt

The colors and patterns came easy today.  The quilt spoke loud and clear, telling me what it wanted.

Now I have three sections and the placement of them feels right. I wanted to spend more time on the quilt today, but other things came up that needed to be done.

So I did what I could and then stopped to finish sewing my first batch of Zip Potholders.  They are all sold, but I’m working on more.  I’ll have them ready for the mail on Monday.

I did put the next piece of fabric in place on Kathy’s Woodland Animal quilt after taking this photo and before leaving my studio. That is where I’ll begin on Monday.

4 thoughts on “More Work On My Woodland Animal Quilt

  1. This is turning into a fun quilt with lots of personality! I can’t wait to see the end results! Your creative talent always inspires me!

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