Zips Barn



Zip spends a lot of time in the barn.  That makes sense being he’s a barn cat.  Sometimes he sits in the big white chair and in the evening I bring him a few treats as he lounges in the cat bed on the old wooden workbench.

But he also spends time way up on top of the hay bales.  When Minnie was young this was her favorite place to sleep too.

Now that he has chased the pigeons out of this part of the barn he has the place all to himself.  Even the hens have stopped visiting the barn for their mealworm treats.  Now they spend a lot of their days in the barnyard and pastures.

Zip is the smallest animal on the farm, yet he has altered the balance in significant ways.  I imagine eventually the hens will congregate under the lilacs again.  Maybe when the winter comes and the snow limits their wanderings.

We will see what changes with the change of seasons.

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