My First Batch Of Zip Potholders Are All Sold


My first batch of Zip Potholders are all sold. But there are more on the way.

I forgot when I wrote about working on my Woodland Animal quilt on Friday, that Monday was a holiday.  I also forgot that Jon’s daughter Emma would still be here.

Emma came for a visit and to help out.  And she did.  She cooked a tasty dinner, was good company and helped with the chores including feeding Zip.   Actually, I think Zip would have followed her home if he could have.  Every time Emma went outside, there was Zip.

After driving Emma to the train in Albany, I finished sewing  10 of my Zip Potholders.  These are already sold.  When I’m done blogging, I’ll contact the first ten people on my list and let them know  their Zip Potholders are all done.

For the rest of the week, I’ll work on my quilt and the next batch of Zip Potholders.  I have enough to put some of for sale in my Etsy Shop when they are done.

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