Warm, Soft, Still

Lulu And Fanny behind her

It was their stillness, their sense of peace that got me to stop.

I walked past them several times, my shovel loaded with manure, but Lulu and Fanny didn’t flinch.   If they were braying wildly, they couldn’t have drawn my attention more.

So I put down my shovel and pressed my face to Lulu’s neck.

Her hair was warm from the sun and so much softer than it looks.  I breathed in her calm, I mimicked her stillness.  I fell into the trace of my surroundings.   Warm, soft, still.  My thoughts became the image of what I was physically feeling.

We stayed like that a while.  And when I left the donkeys remained, holding the peace.

14 thoughts on “Warm, Soft, Still

  1. I just love the close-ups, the way you can see each individual hair and the way they swirl sometimes in a current, sometimes in a riptide. These sisters look perfectly in sync with each other in this portrait, so grateful for your ability to capture their sweetness.

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