Kim and The Hens

The hens and Kim

Ever since Zip came to the farm, the hens are spending more time in the pole barn and barnyard.  Maybe it’s because there are less things to eat in the grass as the days get colder.  But they’er no resting under the lilacs or under the coop like they always have.

The hens are much more comfortable with the sheep and donkeys than they are with Zip, who has taken over the barn and yard.

This afternoon the hens were huddled in the barn with Kim, until I showed up with Fate and Zinnia. Zinnia loves to chase both the hens and Kim.  She doesn’t want to catch them, they just likes that they run.

But as the hens scattered, Kim held her ground.  And Zinnia soon lost interest and looked for some tasty manure to snack on instead.

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