My Muse And “Woodland Animal” Quilt

I woke up this morning with a list of things to do in my head.

There were the Zip Potholders to get in the mail, check my bank account to see that the money from Suzy’s shawls was deposited then figure out the fees and my commission and Venmo her the money.  Then finish sewing my second batch of Zip potholder and do the last of  September’s paper work.  Along with, of course, blogging.

But first on my list was getting a solid three hours in to work on my Woodland Animals quilt for Kathy.

The muse was with me this morning. I truly believe that my muse is the dedication of time to my creativity.  When I put my creative work first, the muse is always there to accompany me.

First I filled in the space to the left of the squirrel with those long stripes.  Then I did the same to the right of the Raccoon. My work hummed without a hitch.

When I had all the pieces sewn together, a wide strip of soft maroon fabric showed up and I started stitching it around the whole.  It only made it halfway, but by then it was time for lunch.

That’s when I stopped.

I had shipping and the rest of the list to get done.  There’s more time for my quilt tomorrow I told myself as I reluctantly unplugged my iron and covered my sewing machine.

Patience, I told myself.  My list is longer than my day.

8 thoughts on “My Muse And “Woodland Animal” Quilt

  1. Wow! Your quilt glows with inspiration! That your Muse was with you really shows in the results. All of the parts are magically harmonizing so perfectly, they look as though they were all born together. Understandably hard to tear yourself away from!

  2. Reading your description Maria of how your creative mind works I can actually feel the energy as you designed the quilt. What a joy it will be to have it in my home.

  3. Oh I’m really loving the feeling this quilt is starting to evoke. And the colors! I love watching your quilts grow so organically.

  4. The way you set this up it really allows the animals to speak.
    My list is longer than my day is the story of my life

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