The Front and Back Of My Woodland Animals Quilt

I got the backing done on my Woodland Animal Quilt this morning.  I stopped working on it to ship our my Zip Potholders, but will tack it tomorrow.

I’m surprised at the response to this quilt. The animals are really special,  and I seem to have captured the feel of them and colors in a way that speaks to people. It’s been lots of fun to make and did sing along easily.

For the back I chose a heavy piece of fabric with animals on it.  It was more the color and weight of the fabric that made me want to use it.  The quilt seemed to need something substantial behind it.

The back of Woodland Animals

6 thoughts on “The Front and Back Of My Woodland Animals Quilt

  1. I love the backing for the quilt Maria and appreciate all the time and effort you put into making it such a beautiful work of art.

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