“Woodland Animals” Quilt All Done

I finished my Woodland Animals Quilt for Kathy today.

I tacked it with blue Bedlam Farm wool.  It was a skien of yarn that Bud got a hold of a couple of years ago.  I found it in a tangled mess under the dining room table.  I shook it out, so the stands fell free from each other but I couldn’t twist it back to its original shape.  Since I couldn’t sell it I hung it in my studio instead.

I don’t know why I didn’t think to use it until now.  I guess I was saving it for Kathy’s Woodland Animals. I’ve plenty more for future quilts and it’s a good color too.

I’ll send the Woodland Animals back to their home on Monday.

Close up of the back of the quilt.

9 thoughts on ““Woodland Animals” Quilt All Done

  1. I can’t wait to welcome the woodland animal quilt to my home. You were very clever to use the blue Bedlam Farm wool for the tacking which makes it very social.

  2. Just beautiful– the colors, the way it’s put together. Think it is one of your most beautiful! Quilting is NOT one of my gifts. But I certainly appreciate the art form.

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