Ways Of Waiting

Self portrait at the Medical Center

I stood, waiting outside the room where Jon was getting an X-ray to see if his Kidney Stone was all gone.

The convex mirror was at the corner of the hallway and as people walked by, I watched them in it.

They only appeared to me as they turned the corner, then grew smaller and smaller until they disappeared  completely.  If someway was behind me I would hear their footsteps as if they belonged to the person in the mirror.

It would have made a good video, but I figured it was against some Hippa rule and didn’t have the courage.

It was certainly was more interesting than looking at the prints hanging on the wall in the hallway.  They were  of  Downtown Saratoga and the Racetrack  and could have, literally, been framed by me

When I first moved upstate, in the 1990’s I worked in a frame shop in the local mall and we sold a lot of Saratoga Prints to the Hospital.

I recognized the triple mat color combinations, the style of frame.  I even remembered the name of the frame company.   For those moments when I looked at the framed prints I was back in the frame shop, cutting those long mats and laying the 40″ pieces of glass in the frame to trim.

But I chose not to stay there.  That was in my other life.  The frame shop went out of business years ago.

Now I was taking a self portrait thinking about posting it on my blog when I got home.

When we first got to the medical center there was a mix up and they didn’t have the paper work for Jon’s Xray.  So we headed home but stopped halfway to get ice cream at the only stand in the area that stays open after Labor Day.  When we were there someone from Jon’s doctor’s office called and said they sent the missing paperwork.

I was eating the last of my cone when we got back to the medical center. We could have been sitting in the waiting room for an hour, the drive and ice cream were far better.

Tomorrow I get to start working on something new in my studio.  I don’t know what that is yet.

But when we got home the Raven flew over the farm, calling its reminder to me that my reality is mine to make.  I can make certain choices in my life, but for the things I can’t control, I can choose how I react to them.

I hope I remember to choose well.

4 thoughts on “Ways Of Waiting

  1. Happy Every Day of Your Life, Maria. It’s yours to do what makes you happy! Can’t wait to see what your next project is. You are one very talented lady.

  2. Things I can’t control…oh, how I had a moment of that today too. I have a choice to how I react to things beyond my control. Took a few moments, but chose to let go.

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